How We Clean

How We Clean 

We clean ovens to the highest possible standards. All the removable parts of the appliance will be carefully taken out and placed in our van-mounted tank. 

Work Includes:

  • Removal of side panels, racks and shelves
  • Heat Treatment of parts in a non-toxic solution
  • Main Shell Cleaning using fume-free spray
  • Oven cleaning by hand

The Process

This includes the removal of any side panels/racks, and shelves. To keep the cost down, our prices are all-inclusive so we do not charge per shelf/rack. The removed parts are then heat-treated in our unique, non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution. Whilst this process is under way we will concentrate on cleaning the main shell of your oven. The oven is heated up and a special fume-free spray is applied. The final cleaning process is finished by hand. During the cleaning process all food residue and carbon deposits are removed and the shell of your oven is then degreased and polished. The parts in the tank are then also cleaned of any dirt, polished, reassembled and in the correct order reinstated back into your oven. We then clean and polish the outside of your oven. Once finished, you will be amazed by the results and feel like you have a new oven!

Oven Cleaning Benefits:

  • Speedy and convenient
  • Reliable and reputable
  • Cleaning to highest possible standards
  • Fume-free systems
  • Sparkling results




Throughout the oven cleaning we endeavour to use all necessary means to protect your home and cause you as little disruption as possible. 



The fume free, non-toxic system that we use will leave you with the confidence to use your lovely sparkly oven as soon as we’re done! Simply call us to book your oven cleaning service today.